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Mathnasium of Kingwood

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Mathnasium of Kingwood


4560 Kingwood Dr
Kingwood Texas 77345
United States


(281) 374-2793

Mathnasium's approach begins with an assessment that determines what a student knows and doesn't know. Next, a personalized and prescriptive learning program is made. Mathnasium instructors provide encouragement and instruction to each student as they follow the program. [5] For proof of progress, Mathnasium relies on its assessments, as well as students' report cards, independent tests, and parent testimony to measure the speed and magnitude of improvement in math skills, numerical thinking, and attitude. Mathnasium separates levels of instruction into early education, elementary school, middle school, and high school. Students can advance to the next level of study if they show mastery of a subject by completing mastery tests, where they have to correctly answer worksheets of problems without assistance from instructors. Instructors are in direct contact with each student. The ratio of instructors to pupils is usually 1:4. Students are encouraged to bring their homework in and receive help with it. To encourage students, work they complete counts towards prizes, and they also can have chances to be entered into drawings for bigger prizes, such as gift cards. Instructors grade student work, and ensure that each worksheet is correct. This reinforces the Mathnasium Method (tm), which focuses on getting the process right.


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